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friends locked-n-loaded (sorta)

Hey you, the handful of people who read my journal but don't have LJ accounts or don't have me friended!

I've had to make a lot of my recent entries friends-only. Not because of anything bad, just because I wanted to protect my privacy a bit better and more importantly to not expose the people I talk about to the entire interwebz.

Most posts will remain open and I won't be retroactively locking anything, but expect a lot of the meaty bits (read: the rambley ones that are full of feelings) to be protected. Comment to be added.


bday wish list

I’m pretty sure my family has already taken care of my original birthday wish list, which was pretty much a bunch of CDs and a book, so I had to make a new list in case anyone feels inclined to buy me shit. But remember, your presence around me, spirited support and beautiful companionship is all I ever truly need.

But still, stuff. Stuff is cool. I like stuff. And things. And things inside stuff. Anyway, these are listed in order starting with the ones I want the mostest.

- Cho Dependent - Margaret Cho CD
- xD memory card or microSD memory card
- Anything by FRED worldwidefred.com
- Bus tickets (what? It’s green and economical and I can never have enough!)
- Outrage DVD
- Kitchen utensils/accessories/a non-stick pan/basically anything that cleans easily and/or is handy in the kitchen because I’m stocking one from scratch. I don’t even care if it’s from Dollarama, really.
- Maplemusic.com gift certificate (for ma merch)
- GayRoller Print (http://shop.theoatmeal.com/products/gayroller-signed-print)
- Basically everything on this site: revelandriot.com
- Fckh8.com shirt/hoodie (probably the chicks marry chicks one)
- 30 Rock any season
- Toys r Us gift card
- Futureshop/HMV gift card
- McDonalds/A&W/Second Cup gift card
- Anything Twilight
Ha, just kidding! Don’t even buy me that as a joke because I will totally kick you out of my party. Don’t test me. There is no joking about the Meyer-beast.

I’ll pretty much love and cherish anything a friend gives me so please feel free to disregard this list entirely.

Spirit Day

by Myownfbook.com

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Spirit Day! Wear purple to support queer youth and memorialize the kids who recently (and for many years passed) have been taking their own lives due to anti-gay bullying.

Fore more info and to make your social media profile pics purple:

by Myownfbook.com

See my last post for more info and sites.

Kinda unrelated but have you checked out
www.fckh8.com to see angry old people, drag queens and kids who just want you to fucking get over your hate-on with homos?

Wear purple. Join the movement. Erase hate.


This Week in Gay - compiled by Tam

Things are so terribly wrong in the queer world right now that I had to get my ass in gear and post a This Week in Gay. These events can’t be ignored.

EVEN fucking MORE gay suicides added to the mounting list, a bashing at the ‘birthplace of the gay pride movement’ the Stonewall Inn, anti-gay gang torture and sodomy in NYC, a group of gay men attacked in Chelsea, riots and police brutally attacked while trying to escort marchers in Serbia’s 2nd ever Pride.

My heart is bleeding for queers everywhere right now.

The news:

Belgrade riots against marchers and police:
Gang tortures gay recruits:
Hundreds flash mob Grand Central Station: Homophobia Kills Die-In
http://prideinutah.com/?p=4627 (follow the link after the video for more info)
Stonewall and other NYC attacks:
More suicides:
At least Olivia Chow has finally gotten the Conservative government to fix their mistake in censoring the Canadian citizenship guide:

Join the movements:

Oct. 11th National Coming Out Day
It Gets Better Project
Oct. 20th Spirit Day - Wear Purple
You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project


RIP Styx

My dog passed away this morning.

Not the dog that was recently diagnosed with cancer, not the one that’s 14. Not the one we actually thought we were going to have to put down this weekend when I left work early on Friday because she was sick. I was prepared for that one. Not Styx.

He’s had his share of health problems. The hip issues. The weird golden rtriever eye disease. We had to have his eye removed and were preparing to get the second one taken out. He went completely blind a couple weeks ago. But otherwise he seemed fine. Exactly as playful and exuberant as he had been since he was a puppy.

He had some problems and got sick in his room this morning. My mom let him out and at some point he just laid down on the deck and passed away. I’m guessing heart failure? Of all the ways to go, it’s a better one. No pain, no drawn out process, no decisions to make. But it’s so unexpected.

At least he had a big long walk last night and I played with him yesterday. The night before I got him to come downstairs, which he liked but was hard for him to do since he couldn’t see. He spent the night beside the couch with me. That makes me happy.

I was always closest to him. I raised him from a puppy. He was my dog. But everyone else always really liked him too. I know a lot of my friends will miss him, I’ve already talked to a lot of upset people.

My mom is a mess. Jeff has come back from work but he won’t be able to hold it together for that long because he was really close to Styx too. Morgan was here but unfortunately she really had to go to work. At least she was with me when I found out. Marsha is pretty devastated but I thought it was important mom call her since she is her best friend. It’s not going to be fun to try to explain it to Maddy. I’m mostly keeping it together, for now.

He was 10. It's a good age for goldens. I know that. 10 is nothing to be disappointed by. But it's not long enough.

I said goodbye after they had cleaned him up and before they put him in the van. It was hard to stop petting him. He still felt the same. It was hard to let him go.

I’m heartened by all the messages of support. As usual, I have wonderful friends.

I guess I’m just less one today.





Holy crap. Did this video make me cry and cry some more. Actually, still kind of crying. Wow. So beautiful. So beautifully sad.

He holds back a sigh
As she touches his arm
She dusts off the bed
Where ‘til now he's been sleeping
Under mires of stone
The dry fig of his heart
Under scarab and bone
Starts back to its beating

I looked up Josh Ritter because he's coming to town with Basia Bulat. Very interesting lyricist. Really much more of a storyteller.

Long ago on the ship
She asked “Why pyramids?”
He said "Think of them as an immense invitation."
She asks "Are you cursed?"
He says "I think that I'm cured."
Then he kissed her and hoped
That she'd forget that question

and I'm crying again.


Really, Glenn Beck? You and Palin and your religious zealot, blind faith extolling, anti-tax, blindingly white, capitalist, racist, creepy-ass, fundies couldn’t pick a different day to descend on DC? Drudging in your ignorant droves of hundreds of thousands marching with eyes held shut in your attempt to ‘restore honour’ and create ‘religious rebirth’? You couldn’t pick a day and location that hasn’t been Dr. King’s for 47 years?

Ya know what, Tea Partiers? I have a dream. And it’s that ya’ll die in a fucking fire.

Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
hey r you there?
Tam says:
totally am, what's up?
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
I just took an IQ quiz
Tam says:
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
i was smarter than i am lol i scored 109
Tam says:
that seems low, I don't believe that
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
u have to see if u can beat me on http://iqscoretest3.com/?test=4j6ocff87
Tam says:
how long is it?
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
I bet you cant haha
Tam says:
that I can't beat 109?
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
take it now while Im in the shower and tell me your score when im back
Tam says:
...is this spam?
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
Tam says:
you're sounding like a spam robot right now
it's creeping me out
Seth, Jay, Kaos, Johnny says:
im not a bot silly, its me

and then I googled the link and confirmed that it was totally some kinda not cool computer thingy that wanted to creep all ups in ma internet.
My best attempt at listing the plays with queer content at this year's Edmonton Fringe Festival. Did I miss any?

Guys in Disguise's lesbian vampire romp. Darrin Hagen, Davina Stewart, Trevor Schimdt and Dana Anderson.

Queens in 3D
Guys in Disguise Classics series.

BASH'd : A Gay Rap Opera
Starring: FEMINEM & T-BAG. The BASH'd boys return to Edmonton for the first time since their Off-Broadway run.

F***ing Stephen Harper: How I Assaulted the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and Saved Democracy
"Rob Salerno, a regular contributor to Xtra, was assigned to interview the leaders of the federal political parties in advance of the 2008 election. But in the course of securing an interview with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Salerno was arrested for sexually assaulting the PM."

The Brown Girl in the Ring
OTTAWA—Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, is very surprised to announce that Her Majesty Queen Regina II will visit Alberta and British Columbia in 2010.
The visit will take place from July 24 to September 19, and will include stops at Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe Festivals where Her Majesty is expected to inaugurate a special Command Performance of a rarely performed work - The Brown Girl in the Ring.

"KWE'RE started exactly one year ago when Elena Belyea interviewed 14 queer-identified women, born and raised, either here in Alberta or in Virginia. Since then, it's evolved with the help of fellow actors Lianna Makuch and Marlee Yule, designer Erin Gruber, and physical dramaturge Gianna Vacirca. The final product contains a collision of appropriated texts, videos, sound recordings, images, and poetry designed to be heartbreaking, romantic, funny, playful-- a punch in the goddamn face. Come on out and be a part of it!"

Bad Connections

Dying City
"a complex character study of personalities in the red and blue states of the US. Using one actor as opposing twin brothers, one of which is gay, the story showcases people's individual points of view after being raised in a conservative family."

Unnatural Selection or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chicken-Milk Bomb
"Caleb, Fergus and Brad are roommates and best friends at a bible college in rural Saskatchewan. When Caleb and Fergus are accused of being gay, Brad, who actually is gay, openly confronts the tension between his sexuality and his religion. As each of them struggles to come to terms with Brad's revelation, he must reconcile his faith with both heart and mind."

Schedules and tickets: www.tickets.fringetheatre.ca

born from an egg

Tegan and Sara on a Canadian kids show. With puppets. And a re-working of the song Alligator. This is quite possibly, the best thing ever:

A bit more info on the song (and some laughs) here:

Yes, it's true
Alligator tears, cried over you
Over you, over you x 2
Yes, it's true
My spikey claws, they crawl over you
Over you, over you x 2
Run around a tree
Skip and jump about
Run around a tree
Jump about
Over you, over you x 4
Run around a tree
Skip and jump about
Run around a tree
Jump about
Born from an egg
I'm an alligator oh yes it's true
Yes, it's true x 4
Run around a tree
Skip and jump about
Run around a tree
Jump about
Yes, it's true
Alligator tears spilled over you
Run around a tree
Skip and jump about
Run around a tree
Jump about
Run around a tree
Skip and jump about
Run around a tree
Jump about
Over you, over you x 3