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/laugh to erase the dirt on your mind/

The Journal of Tam

24 October 1985
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  • bambamiamtam@livejournal.com
I haven't bothered to fill this out. I'm not entirely sure why. There are a lot of other places online to read some sort of profile version of me. That's what social networking is for. This is my journal and it probably gives you the best idea of who I am anyway. Except I rant a little bit less in real life.

I mostly use LJ to communicate with friends, some RL, some not. I also use it for various fandom pursuits, sharing links, talking about bands and occasionally dissecting the news. It's a mixed bag and constantly evolving. Like me, I guess.

If you're queer or allied and live in Alberta, check this out: http://twitter.com/theQAN
You can find us on Facebook too.

Big thanks to ralphy137 for the custom friends-only banner and all the fabulous icons!

Facebook: link above
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tam358
YouTube Videos: http://www.youtube.com/tam358
OkCupid: http://www.okcupid.com/profile?u=tam358
GJ (old entries): link removed because GJ died
GC: http://profiles.gaycanada.com/tam358
Tagged: http://www.tagged.com/tam358
PoF: http://www.plentyoffish.com/member7921362.htm
AE: http://www.afterellen.com/user/10463

I don't care that colourbars are totally out. I still like them.

100x100, a good book, acting, activism, anna faris, arcade fire, art, bend it like beckham, blink 182, boondock saints, bored now, bound, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, but i'm a cheerleader, camp fyrefly, canada, children of men, chris pureka, clea duvall, clothes, coming out, corner gas, d.e.b.s., dead like me, dixie chicks, drag kings, dykes, edmonton, eliza dushku, ellen page, equality, evan rachel wood, facebook, faith lehane, fan fiction, fefe dobson, femslash, film, fire, folk, g.i. joes, gay pride, gay rights, gi joes, gilmore girls, girltrash, go ask malice, graham eaton, handcuffs, homosexuality, hoodies, i hear noises, i kiss girls, icons, imagine me and you, imdb, incense, inside jokes, janis joplin, jared padalecki, jeremy fisher, jessie/katie, jim/pam, kate moennig, keira knightley, kelly clarkson, knives, late nights, lesbians, live music, living room, love, may the movie, metric, michelle tea, missy higgins, movie trailers, movies, music, nature, oysterband, panic at the disco, photography, politics, pop culture, pride parades, pro-choice, procrastination, psychology, public speaking, queer, queer youth, rain, rainbows, ranting, reading, red dwarf, regina spektor, relationships, robot chicken, rocky horror picture show, romance, ryan gosling, sara kiersten quin, sara quin, sarah harmer, saving face, sex, shane west, skq, slash, stars, strong female characters, studying behaviour, stuffed animals, supernatual, sushi, swords, t&s, tara maclay, tee and ess, tegan and sara, tegan quin, the con, the office, this business of art, tina fey, toys, tracy chapman, trq, under feet like ours, upside of anger, v for vendetta, violet/corky, viral marketing, volunteering, vue weekly, willow/tara, wit, words, writing, xena, xena/gabrielle, year zero, , ♀♀,